a brief ramble about identity, spiritual identity and empire.

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story time! so when i was first deciding to come out as a gay [yes. said. just like that. lol], i really thought that the most important thing to do

Blackness and Performance: Black Performance Theory (course)

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Blackness and Performance: Black Performance Theory ETST 243E-001, Winter 2015 Monday 12:40-3:30pm, INTN 4043 Professor Ashon Crawley ashon.crawley@ucr.edu Office Hours: Mondays 10:30am-12:30pm   The purpose of this course is to

Against Water Shutoffs and Occupation: The Omm Bomm Ba Boom

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i The urgency to write has never felt more acute. To attend to, even through what seems to be utter powerlessness and fatigue, the atrocities being felt globally on both

The “Biology” of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

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i We have been named from the outside, yet remain unknown. Needed for coherence, we have been disavowed for our fleshly capacity to derange normativity. We – us blacks and

Nothing Music: the Hammond B3 and the Centrifugitivity of Blackpentecostal Sound

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[this paper was originally presented at the EMP Pop Conference 2014] Winds of 53mph crashed against the lakeshore of Chicago for five days by October 29, 1929. It was fateful

Nothingness and the Aesthetics of Having Been

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I Having been said to be nothing, this is a love letter written to we who have been, and are today still, said to have nothing. And to a tradition

blues clues

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Kanye was certainly not the first to say, when he told Sway, “you ain’t got the answers…!” This is a rather common reply to people who opine about, and argue

blues for mister charles

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i Our time is not unique. Ours is an ongoing rupture of violence and violation that was set loose into the world as far back as 1492, though the logics

an oversimplification of words

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i Roy Grimes disagrees with his mother and their disagreement is within the tradition of what might be called black disbelief. Black disbelief, it seems, is a refusal of the

to be well fed

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i. We are a discarded people. But perhaps such being discarded may prove to be cause for celebration. We are off to the side and undergrounded, indeed, but even still,