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  1. Hi Ashon — I sent this email below to your U. Virigina email, but just to make sure it gets through am copying it below as well. Rebecca’s email is:

    Pam Nath (

    Hi Ashon!

    I met you at Mystic Soul conference, and told you about Rebecca & her project called Vessels and you were excited to hear more. I have since shared a little bit about you and your work with Rebecca, and she also sensed some resonance between her work and yours and was interested in connecting, so I am sending this email to the two of you to help that connection happen.

    In case you’d appreciate a reminder about Vessels, here’s a link to more info: (I already shared a link of you reading from your work — Lonely Letters that I found on youtube with Rebecca.)

    Both of you are doing work that inspires me and touches me at some deep level, so deep gratitude to you both and let me know if there’s any more that I can do to help facilitate the two of you connecting.


  2. I just read your article on Huffpost.
    You struck a chord with me.
    I am a 75yr old man of Irish descent living in the eye of Steve King country (Iowa).
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  3. Ashon,
    Just read your piece on Huffington Post. It sat well with me because I thought Rev. Wright had been inaccurately castigated in the Obamas come up. Thank you for this fresh perspective.

  4. Dear Dr. Crawley,

    I have just read your powerful critique of Michelle Obama’s gratuitous throwing of Rev. Wright under the bus in her recent book. Your analysis is spot on and reflects the profound disappointment in discovering that the Obamas are variants of the neoliberal elite that has laid out the royal red carpet for the white supremacists and associated fascists who have taken over so many institutions of this decaying republic. As a young man immersing myself in the struggles against racism, sexism, American imperialism and its quest for hegemonic Empire, I learned much about the despicable history of the founding of this country. It is the story of settler/colonialism par excellence. I thought I was living in the modern version of the dying days of the Roman Empire.

    The days of hope and naive revolutionary fervor were short-lived. I found Malcolm X, The Black Panthers, Angela Davis beacons of sanity in a sea of self-deluding liberalism. I was elated when Dr. King made the powerful connection between the civil rights movement and the invasion of Vietnam but had a sense of foreboding that he, too, would meet the tragic ending of Malcolm X in his shift to a more radical analysis. And here you are, so many years later, reminding us of the power of black liberation theology and essentials of the negritude movements of Africa and the powerful voice of Aime Cesaire, Frantz Fanon, Sekou Toure and other revolutionary leaders rise up one again.

    I humbly thank you for standing up and voicing truth to power. It warms this old man who has taken his mission of liberation to Asia as the venue for his last chapter in life and his mission to bring the spirit of personal and systemic enlightenment, the quest for the hero within each of us and the courage to lead a “bigger” life to the continent emerging from so many years of systematic exploitation.

    Dr. Brian

  5. Professor Ashon Crawley,

    I totally agree with your Huffington Post article on “Jeremiah Wright Knew What America Was Becoming. The Obamas Can’t See What It Is”. You hit it on the money with why the Obamas distanced themselves from the truth that Rev. Wright was preaching. Clearly it was for political reasons and to make them (Obamas) appear to be middle of the road. I equate it to the current Orange Idiot stating from there Charlottville riots that there are bad people on both sides. That’s crazy ideology and political brainwashing. Great article and the Obamas despite there best selling books was and still at considered sell outs in many circles in the Chi.

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