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  1. Pam Nath
    January 26, 2018

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    Hi Ashon — I sent this email below to your U. Virigina email, but just to make sure it gets through am copying it below as well. Rebecca’s email is:

    Pam Nath (

    Hi Ashon!

    I met you at Mystic Soul conference, and told you about Rebecca & her project called Vessels and you were excited to hear more. I have since shared a little bit about you and your work with Rebecca, and she also sensed some resonance between her work and yours and was interested in connecting, so I am sending this email to the two of you to help that connection happen.

    In case you’d appreciate a reminder about Vessels, here’s a link to more info: (I already shared a link of you reading from your work — Lonely Letters that I found on youtube with Rebecca.)

    Both of you are doing work that inspires me and touches me at some deep level, so deep gratitude to you both and let me know if there’s any more that I can do to help facilitate the two of you connecting.


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